How to service Murray hydrostatic transmission?

I have a 1995 Murray 42″ riding mower with a hydrostatic transmission. Recently, it seems like the mower is laboring more to move itself around (more whine from the transmission and the engine loads up). It looks like there might be a little bit of a leak from the right axle, so I was thinking the fluid might be a little low. How do I check the fluid level (no dipstick), and what type of fluid should I add? The only thing I see is an oil expansion chamber. The manual says not to change or add oil but to take it to a dealer. There has to be some way to add oil? Anyone ever serviced one of these?

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  1. Boe says:

    Had the same thing happen on our. was not leaking. Just seemed to whine more and was loosing power. Not engine but speed. Long story short new belts, and there is a idler tension pulley that sits in the center of the tractor. Right in front of the seat. The cheap plastic pulley broke and we ended up jimmy rigging it with a nylon pulley we had laying around. Runs fine now. Stretched belts and or pulley. In our case the pulley was gone. it still ran and went go. But it was slower that you know what

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