What can too much transmission fluid do to my car?

I went and got my oil changed the other day and they told me that I had too much transmission fluid. They said I should go to an auto shop and get some of it siphoned off. I’m just curious as to what will happen to my car if I decide not to have this done. I’m also taking a road trip this weekend. It’s about 200 miles one way, so if it’s something that I should get taken care of before that can someone please let me know?

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  1. shade tree mechanic says:

    if its 1/16 “or so above the full hot line wont do anything but 2 or three quarts over will churn the fluid make air bubbles and air is not a good lube

  2. fcoleman43 says:

    Blow seals and gaskets, damage the tranny, and leave stains all over your driveway.

  3. thebax2006 says:

    What kind of oil change place can’t even drain a little ATF?
    Make sure you know how to check the ATF level. Usually you never need to add ATF to an automatic transmission and there are so many different ATFs that many times a dealer is the only source for the correct fluid.
    Most the time you check the ATF level when the car has been driven for a while and is at operating temperature. With the motor running check the level several times to make sure the readings are the same. You can’t check the level with the car turned off.
    Over filling will cause the ATF to foam and cause damage.

  4. baldie says:

    it can cause your transmission to start slipping and also blow the seals.

  5. mbeast16 says:


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