How much transmission fluid does a 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee take?

I’ve just replaced the gasket on the transmission pan after draining it. That repair is all done and I need to add more fluid to the car. My haynes book says to add 2 quarts, but it’s not even registering on the dipstick. Would it be safe to add more? It looked closed to 5 quarts when I drained it.

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  1. hd89sprty says:

    4qts initial fill, with the entire system at 11 quarts:

    From the web:
    Engine, with filter……….5.0 quarts
    Cooling System, Initial Fill……….15.0 quarts
    Automatic Transmission, Initial Fill……….4.0 quarts[1]
    Automatic Transmission, Initial Fill……….4.0 quarts[1]
    Automatic Transmission, Total Fill
    42RE……….11.0 quarts
    44RE……….11.0 quarts
    Differential, Model 35 Rear……….3.4 pints[2]
    Differential, Front……….3.2 pints[2]
    Transfer Case,249……….3.4 pints
    Transfer Case,231……….2.1 pints
    Transfer Case,247……….3.4 pints
    Transfer Case,242……….3.0 pints

    Here’s a good description of “how to” for trans fluid change:

    …Drop pan, change filter, reinstall. Measuring the old fluid in pan into a milk bottle type container, install that amount of new ATF back into transmission. Disconnect BOTH ATF cooler lines at radiator and place a container or pan under each line end (helps to have an assistant). Start engine, shut down after 1 or 2 quarts have come out one of the lines. Refill exact amount of fresh fluid in transmission (this keeps air out of the system). Be careful not to drain too much or you will get air in the system.

    Start engine again and repeat until clean fluid is coming out of cooler line. This is messy and time consuming but will purge all old ATF from transmission and torque converter. Reinstall cooler lines and start car, cycle through gears, place in park and check level per owners manual. Check for leaks. Top up as necessary after driving and heated up. Don’t overfill.

    You just safely flushed the whole system, no T-TEC $ cost….

    (thanks to

    I have an old 1 gallon milk container that I’ve got marked at pint intervals. This procedure works well, you just have to make sure to keep the trans filled, and not to strip out the hoses running to the trans cooler when you take them off.

    Best to jump on this quick, as the water/mud won’t wait to do damage.

    Good luck with it.

  2. 007 says:

    First, check with the manual, then I would keep putting it in till it started to show up on the dip-stick, when this happenes, start the car (first, check with the owners manual, a few cars don’t require you to run the engine), while your foot is on the brake, put it in gear, then back to park, now check your level, and add little amount’s till it is on the full mark.

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