Adding Transmission Fluid to a 2000 Chrysler Plymouth Grand Voyager SE?

What is the proper way to add transmission fluid for the do it yourselfer. I was told that you could add it straight down the the same place as the dip stick. Does the engine need to be warm or add to cold engine. I didn’t find a fill reservoir.

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  1. jack w says:

    You add the fluid in the same hole as the dip stick – they make a special (not expensive) funnel for it. Be sure not to over fill. You need to have the engine warm. First, warm up the engine, with foot on brake run through the gears, check fluid level and add as needed. While you are there look at the condition of the fluid. If it is dark brown or smells “burn” it is time to have the fluid and filter changed. good luck

  2. UCANTCME says:

    Also only use Mopar Transmission Fluid and nothing else because if you do you will fry the transmission.

  3. baldie says:

    if its got a dip stick, pull it out and see if theres a fill cold mark, start your car and fill it to the cold mark. if theres no cold mark, warm the car up and park on a level surface and check it, if its low, fill it to the hot mark.

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