What does “six-speed automatic transmission mean?” How does it really work?

I thought automatic transmission doesnt require gear shifters. what really does it mean? ive never owned a car before, plz tell me how you operate it

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  1. SushiLover says:

    There are still gears – low to high – that a transmission uses, otherwise you’d only go a very limited speed. When you go past say 20 mph (or it hits 2500 rpm or so on the tachometer if you have one), it shifts from 1st into 2nd, past 35 or so mph (and again around 2500 rpm) it shifts into 3rd and so on. It does it automatically, and all you need to do is put it in D for drive when you want to go forward, R for reverse when you want to go backwards. Time for a driver training course if you didn’t even know this much though – they’ll explain it all to you (how to operate all the doo-dads and buttons, etc.)

  2. JC says:

    It means you have 6 forward gears and its a automatic so it changes those gears automatically. To operate it put it in “D” for drive “R” for reverse. If it has a gate for “slap stick” just watch the RPM’S.

  3. joe.rakoczy@sbcglobal.net says:

    You should read up on 6 speeds . They are really kind of cool . basically they give a wider range of gearing which enables them to handle more torque in the lower gears while increasing gas mileage by making it easier on the engine and trans . One new trans can be looked at by going to http://www.tciauto.com . Also check out http://www.audiworld.com . Hope this helps

  4. mister ss says:

    It’s still shifts automatically but it has 6 forward gears for better gas mileage, operates the same as any 3 or 4 speed automatic.

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