What does 6 speed shiftable automatic transmission mean?

The ad states that it’s an automatic transmission. Does this mean that shifting is optional in all cases, or is it guaranteed that I will have to shift? Thank you in advance.

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  1. Nick says:

    An automatic transmission would never require you to shift gears except for the standard Park, Reverse, Drive, Neutral, etc.

    Some offer a triptronic transmission that allows you to shift gears (such as for gas mileage purposes, etc.)

  2. formulafire83 says:

    it is an automatic and a clutchless manual, which means you push up to shift up and push down to shift down with out the clutch. you get the best of both.

  3. G T says:

    First off it is NOT a clutch-less manual…. a manual transmission has a clutch…. PERIOD. Only a very mis-informed idiot would post something as incredibly stupid as defining a tiptronic type transmission as a clutch-less manual. These types of transmissions still use a torque converter which makes it an automatic.

    It is an automatic that can either be run just like any other automatic or put in a “Shifting” mode where you have to shift it with a shift button or as some call it a paddle shifter. You do not have to use this function. In your case you just put it in drive and drive it as the automatic that it really is.

    Here is an explanation of a tiptronic transmission: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiptronic

  4. bader55 says:

    G T got it right . slide the gear in D and go .

    although be aware of ads .. sometimes they write stuff like “shiftable automatic transmission” and what they mean is a sequencial gearbox (an automated manual – clutchless manual) which is something entirely dfrnt … to be on the safe side as long as the car does not say (SMG-DCG-F1-Egear on it ur fine lol ) and as long as u c a gear stick/buttons with P-R-N-D functions on it then this is an automatic like G T explained and its nothing to worry about .

    confusing ha ?

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