Can I put some Automatic transmission fluid in the gas tank?

I have heard that putting some automatic transmission fluid in a full tank of gas will help clean the valves, and fuel injectors. Does this work, or is it a bad idea. Don’t tell me what you think, just what you know from real life data. Thanks. :)

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  1. Zach says:

    dont do it.

    im sure that back in the day some one thought it was a good idea, but in this modern day we have much better technoligies.

    there are carb/injector cleaners that you can put in you gas, those will help clean out your fuel system. there are also oil additives that will clean the valves and whatnot.

  2. staples_92 says:

    i don’t really know if that would work but it dosent sound like a good idea. stp sells a fuel injector cleaner that you put in your gas tank

  3. Pedro S says:

    and back in the 1950s they often poured water into carb while running to do same thing….DON’T do it… if u screw up the injectors u will be very sorry

  4. joe_fleeman says:

    Use Chem tool B12 and maybe a little Marvel Mystery oil.That should work just fine.

  5. infoman89032 says:

    not sure about injectors but ive done it to clean the valves and it did seem to work ok but like the one guy siad before me they make stuff to do it better now days

  6. ..Duramax.. says:

    clears out everything!

  7. pbleek says:

    Bad idea, you also have a catalytic converter which can get ruined by putting crap in the fuel that does not belong there.

  8. gordon says:

    i think not, tranny fluid is a ” lubricant” not a solvent, your just going to cause carbon build up and fouled sparkplugs. think about a 2 stroke 2 much oil = fouled plug.
    > some gasolines come with cleaning additives , but if you want more, go to an auto store buy a container of “solvent ” you add to a full tank of gas.

  9. mister ss says:

    don’t do it in a newer car with fuel injection, it was done to cars in the fifties to lubricate the valves once in awhile but todays cars don’t need that.

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